3 of the best yoga studios in Billings


    yoga in billings

    Yoga practice has increased in the U.S. more than 50 percent over the past five years. That’s an amazing statistic considering it’s been around for more than 5,000 years.

    We don’t have any idea what’s taken everyone so long to catch the yoga wave, but we’re glad they have because it’s resulted in a proliferation of amazing yoga styles and studios in which to practice.

    While we can’t list all of the yoga studios in Billings, we did query friends and clients and came up with a list of three of their favorites. They are listed in no particular order.

    At the end, we’ve even rounded up some places to buy yoga wear. It’s your one-stop Realty Billings yoga extravaganza!


    Black Orchid Yoga Barre

    The first thing you’ll notice about Billings’ Black Orchid Yoga Barre is that it’s one beautiful studio. Better yet, if it’s important to you that your yoga “home” studio be one in which you feel welcome, that is exactly what you’ll get when you practice at Black Orchid. The entire staff is friendly, helpful and welcoming.

    We must warn you, however, that it’s not the least expensive yoga studio in town. And, you’ll definitely want to bring your own towel and mat because there’s an extra hefty charge for those items.

    To their credit, however, they offer a nifty $15 introductory special, with unlimited classes over the course of 15 consecutive days.

    Black Orchid also gets extra points for their early morning class but we wish they had a later after-work class, although 5:45 isn’t too terribly early.

    Find Black Orchid Yoga Barre at 2049 Broadwater Ave. in Billings and online at blackorchidathletics.com.



    Solace Hot Yoga and Barre

    You may have known this studio as Sumits – but it’s now Solace Hot Yoga and Barre. Its new owner, Melissa Vuletich, aims to make yoga accessible to both the novice and the seasoned yogi.

    Although the class schedule is rather limited, it’s nice to see a 5:30 a.m. class for those who need that morning workout before heading to work. Then, there’s the 6 p.m. class to rid yourself of all that garbage you pick up during a typical work day.

    And, to make all this even better, Solace Hot Yoga and Barre offers an introductory price of $20 for two weeks.

    Find Solace at 3680 Avenue B, Suite B in Billings and online at solacehotyogabarre.com



    Limber Tree Studio

    Limber Tree Studio is one that feels our pain when it comes to paying for our yoga practice and offers Groupons to help ease it. But, that’s not all to like about one of Billings’ most popular yoga studios.

    We like the Express Yoga class – perfect for those of us who have limited time. It’s a 45-minute class so you can take it on your lunch hour.

    Limber Tree also offers classes for the mom-to-be, a Slow and Gentle class for those stress monkeys among us, Vinyasa and more. You can even take aerial yoga and belly dance classes here.

    Limber Tree Studio is located at 212 N 29th St. in Billings and online at limbertreeyogastudio.com.


    Get Outfitted

    The proper clothes are important for a successful yoga practice. The last thing you need when you’re trying to remain in the flow is to be yanking at your shirt or worried that your pants are giving the yogi behind you an R-rated view.

    Billings isn’t exactly a yoga hotbed so you’ll have to search hard for yoga wear in department stores. Quality yoga outfits – the ones that will take the beating you’ll likely give them and last through repeated washings – are easily purchased online.



    lululemon athletica – A Canadian athletic wear retailer.


    The Sweat StorePrefer to keep your money in the U.S.? Quality athletic wear and world-class customer service is yours at The Sweat Store.


    Yoga Bod Shop — Carries plus-sizes!


    Yoga Outlet – Stuff for guys too

     Namaste, Billings!