Why I Love Billings — FALL!

    You can’t help but notice that the skies in Billings are once again blue. The smoke has cleared and we can all breathe easier. Can I find a way to chalk this up to Autumn? You bet I’ll try!

    I consider myself the walking, talking Billings Booster Club and there are reasons to love living here during all four seasons. But, fall? Oh, baby – fall in Billings is incomparable.

    We are just north enough to get our leaf-peepers on but south enough to avoid freezing our – as a friend of mine from Hawaii says – “okoles” — off like our crazy friends in, say, Minnesota and Wisconsin do.

    If you’ve just moved here, please read on. Our skies aren’t always smoke-filled and NOW is the time to get outdoors and fall in love with the Magic City.

    What’s a leaf peeper?

    People love to peep. And, there’s a whole bunch of us who like to leaf peep. So many that even the “Oxford Dictionary” has a definition of them: “a person who visits particular areas, especially in New England, to view the autumn foliage.”


    P’shaw on New England. Billings, Montana’s fall colors rival those of any state in the union.


    “Because the weather was favorable across the U.S. over the summer, it primed the leaves to turn especially vibrant colors this year,” promises the Billings Gazette’s Marie Rossiter.

    For stunning fall colors outside of Billings, head to the Pend Oreille National Scenic Byway on the border of Montana and Idaho.

    Glacier National Park, though is a leaf peeper’s dream-come-true. Here, you will find nearly 150 acres to explore. And Autumn is the best time, with fewer people and a rich array of colors.

    Our brews are brilliant

    Have you noticed how many states are trying to stake the claim of “craft beer haven?” Or, something similar. I have. From Minneapolis to Las Vegas and even Asheville, North Carolina, chosen among Thrillist’s “Best Beer Cities in America, many cities are trying to be the craft-beer-go -to.

    Beer enthusiasts know that there’s a beer for every season and that fall, with its cooler temperatures, produces some of the most tasty brews of the year.

    “Obviously, the flavors of Thanksgiving also come into play as well as seasonal ingredients. In fact, in many ways, autumn beers were the first seasonal beers to gain popularity,” say the experts at pourmybeer.com.

    In Billings, it’s easy to get to know the latest in fall beer flavors with a self–guided brewery tour. In fact, we have a brewery district that encompasses 1.5 miles and includes “six breweries, two distilleries, and a cider house”, according to VisitBillings.com.

    Football – the pigskin type

    I’m a girl, so excuse me if I don’t go overboard in my enthusiasm for football. But, I am part of a couple – meaning I have a guy in my life. Guys — in case you haven’t noticed – adore football (the pigskin type).

    “Whether it’s the Cats and Griz or one of the five Montana NAIA teams in the ultra-competitive Frontier Conference, there’s college football to be found every weekend” in Billings, according to the Billings Gazette staff.

    Then there are the high school games that bring out Billings’ families, en masse.

    The Mack Daddy of them all, however, is the Brawl of the Wild, when the Cats and the Griz vie for the Great Divide Trophy. Missoula is the place to be for this one.

    Fish – it does a body good

    I’ve been checking out the Mediterranean diet lately and it calls for eating fish twice a week. Can you imagine living in states where the fish are either contaminated with mercury or they’re shipped in –frozen?

    Yeah, me neither.

    Shorter days and cooler nights mean fishing season in Billings and the lower Yellowstone River offers up catfish, smallmouth bass, walleye and more.

    And, in fall, “the Lower Yellowstone is hardly overrun with boaters, and a floater has a good chance of having a sizable portion of the river to themselves on a float trip,” according to bigskyfishing.com.

    There is so much more to love about fall in Billings. If you’re looking for a home for sale in Billings, for instance, prices are lower in fall and the frantic pace of the summer housing market slows down.

    Want to know more about life in Billings? Reach out . . . there’s nothing I like talking about more than Billings, Montana.

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