Frightmare at your house – Halloween movies, real estate-style

    halloween movies in billings mt

    Too old to trick-or-treat and don’t have kids to use as an excuse? That’s ok, we’ve put together a list of ways to indulge in the pleasures of Halloween – especially the haunted house aspect – right in your own Billings living room.

    In fact, our real estate-related horror flicks will stick with you as you house hunt in Billings or put your home on the market.

    Some of these have some humor mixed in, while others are definitely scary (at least to us). Cook up some spooky treats, invite your favorite peeps and binge on the Halloween real estate fright-fest.

    The Conjuring   

    Usually a horror movie that’s rated R is gory or violent or there is profanity sprinkled throughout. This one, however, has none of that. It got its motion picture rating simply because it’s downright scary. The movie features two paranormal investigators trying to help a family deal with their haunted farmhouse.

    Released in 2013, the real star of the film is the house (and its “macabre history,” something I can certainly relate to!).

    Watch the trailer on YouTube and then rent “The Conjuring” at, Google Play, HBO Go or


    The Selling

    I LOVE this film! It’s definitely small-budget and it’s not all that scary but it does include some suspense and loads of slapstick humor.

    This is the story of a hard-working and too-honest-for-his-own-good real estate agent named Richard and the house he buys with hopes of fixing it up and flipping it. Turns out the house was once owned by a serial killer who now haunts it.

    And, the killer’s ghost has no intention of allowing the home to be sold. It’s much funnier than it is scary but even die-hard horror fans seem to enjoy it. You can rent “The Selling” at, and iTunes and view the trailer on YouTube.


    Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

    Another that adds some humor with the horror, “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil” takes a look at location, location, location and how it contributes to our assumptions about others. Yes, there is some gore, but it’s tolerable. Rated R, it was released in 2010 and you can view the trailer here. Rent it at, Google Play, and iTunes.


    Drag Me to Hell

    Anyone who has been faced with foreclosure will relate to this film. The story follows a young loan officer who is bucking for a promotion and trying to let her new boss know that she can make the tough decisions. And, to do so, she refuses a mortgage payment extension request from an elderly homeowner.

    Turns out she messed with the wrong homeowner and ends up with a curse from “the most feared of all demons.”

    Catch the trailer on YouTube and rent the movie at,, iTunes and Google Play. It’s rated PG13.


    The People Under the Stairs

    “In every neighborhood there is one house that adults whisper about and children cross the street to avoid,” begins the trailer for “The People Under the Stairs.”

    I’ve been in a lot of homes and I’ve seen some pretty weird things, but never anything like what Wes Craven cooked up for the mansion in “The People Under the Stairs.”

    LA Weekly calls the story an allegory about the “ongoing war” between renters and owners (I wasn’t aware there was such a thing).

    Released in 1991, it’s rated R (for violence), you can rent it at,, iTunes and Google Play.


    The Ladies of the House

    “Grindhouse-style feminist horror” is the official title of the genre to which this film belongs. What you need to know first is that it is NOT for kids.

    The ladies in the title are four strippers who share a home. The house is the place in which they indulge in all kinds of stuff, including cannibalism. Which is really unfortunate for three guys who meet up with the ladies during a guy’s night out at the strip club and end up back at the house.

    There’s lots of gore in this one. Nudity and sexual content as well. In fact, one reviewer says the most gruesome parts of the movie are the “unsavory torture porn scenes.”  So, watch at your own risk. We felt it merited inclusion because the house plays a starring role.

    Watch the trailer on YouTube and rent the film at Google Play,, and iTunes.

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