Hey Boomer: If you want to stay healthy, don’t leave Billings

    boomers stay healthy in billings

    In August of 2016, Kiplinger’s chose a dozen “Great Places to Retire for Good Health” and Billings hit the number three spot on the list!

    The editors were taken by our mix of “the great outdoors” and our urban amenities. But, really, it’s the trails that seemed to sway them in our favor.

    At the top of the article they mention that Swords Park Trail has “spectacular views of the city and Yellowstone Valley.” If you’re like me, you probably wonder what that has to do with Boomers and their health? Aside from the obvious exercise and fresh air thing, that is. No answer was forthcoming.

    We’re isolated (and we like it that way)

    I know it doesn’t feel like it, but Sandra Block from Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, claims that we are. Logan International’s flights are expensive, she says, and Denver, which has the closest big-city airport is so far away we don’t leave home that often.

    I think she misses the point that a lot of the people she’s writing about are retirees. ACTIVE retirees who chose Billings either because they were born and raised here, have family here, or are sick of the outside world and WANT to stay in town.

    Healthcare in Billings

    St. Vincent Healthcare got props from Kiplinger’s, mainly for all the things retirees don’t want to hear about: its specialties in vascular disease, oncology, neurology and orthopedics.

    “The Billings Clinic,” says Block, “which has a 304-bed hospital and offers more than 50 specialties, is a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network.”

    That’s pretty impressive, I must agree

    And, I suppose it’s comforting to know that if you fall on your bum while out hiking, there’s an orthopedic specialist nearby.

    But oncology? Vascular specialists? Most self-respecting boomers hope that kind of stuff is way in the future.

    Follow the money

    Retirees like the fact that there’s no sales tax in Montana, no estate tax and homes are relatively low-priced, compared to other retirement meccas. Block mentions the Central and North Park neighborhoods as affordable to those on a fixed income, but there are others.

    You’ll find a number of very nice single-story homes for sale in Billings right now, and in a range of prices. Your knees will thank you for the stair-free living.

    Riverfront Pointe Subdivision in southwest Billings has some cute one-story single-family homes with prices starting in the mid $200,000s. And, if way more golf is in your future, check out the homes for sale in Yellowstone Country Club Estates and the Briarwood neighborhood.

    Whether you plan on retiring soon or remain working, every penny counts at this point in our lives. I’m happy to help you shop for the perfect home for your budget – give me a call!

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