Hot Spot of the Week : Five on Black

    The more I have done these blog posts, the more I am learning all the great places we really do have in Billings! I think we tend to get stuck into our regular routines that can make life seem like it’s really repetitive. Trying new things and really experiencing all that Billings has to offer is a great way to mix up your daily life!

    I say all of this because trying a place like Five on Black, does not really fit into my lifestyle. For those that really know me, I am not all about eating healthy all the time. Yes, I try to when I can, but if I am going to go eat somewhere, I usually don’t lean towards picking the healthiest thing on the menu. Five on Black, for those of you that don’t know, is all about being a healthier fast casual option for people. So, for me to decide to go there for lunch was a big deal, but it was new to Billings, so eating there was a must!

    When I walked in, I really enjoyed the vibe. There was loud music (and a sign saying they liked loud music), and the atmosphere was really laid back. I always enjoy places that have a good feeling right when you walk in. From there, it is a very similar layout to how you would pick things out on a menu at any of the Mexican fast casual places in town (Chipotle, Cafe Rio, Qudoba). But the restaurant flavors are nothing like a Mexican food place. I had those expectations going into it, so I think at first, I was a little thrown off. The best way to go into eating here is to have absolutely no expectations and listen to the advice of the people working there. When I started ordering, I was pretty indecisive, but the guy gave me great advice on what to add to make my meal better! I don’t think it would have turned out as good if I left it up to my own decision making.

    I ordered a bowl with white rice, chicken, black beans, mango barbecue sauce, and the spicy chimichurri. The only thing that I really think I missed out on added was the sweet potato. A couple people that went to eat with me got them, and I think next time I will have to order that on my plate!

    Five on Black is something that I really think Billings needed. We really don’t have a lot of places that are purely focused on having healthy food for customers. There are options at restaurants, yes, but no places that have really taken it upon them to go the healthy route. Some of the big points about their food:

    • Entire menu is gluten free, which you would never know tasting it
    • If you order no meat or Brazilian cheese buns, it is completely vegan
    • Order no Brazilian cheese buns, and it is all dairy free
    • No added sugars on the menu

    The best part about this place is that it is one of those places that once you find your perfect meal, you will want to eat there all the time. I think if I would have added those sweet potatoes to my bowl, I would have hit it the first time! I highly recommend you give it a shot. Even if you aren’t trying to eat healthy, it doesn’t make you feel like you are eating healthy. It really does have different flavors that I don’t think I was accustomed too at first, but it was great once I continued to eat. I am excited to see how well Five on Black does, because I do feel it is a great addition to Billings!

    Check out their website below to get a feel for their menu!

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