Hot Spot of the Week: Winco

    What’s the hype with Winco???

    When something new opens in Billings, it becomes the topic of all news outlets and social media posts. Winco was no exception. The excitement surrounded the store months before it was even set to open. However, I read a couple of these news reports on the Winco store, and I really felt they did not give much information to what it really was all about. I decide it would be better to check it out for myself since I, like many others in Billings, have never set foot in a Winco.

    I did not go on Grand Opening Day, because there is no way I would have been able to stand the crowds, and actually look around the store. Apparently, I thought going the day after would be much better, but I was very wrong. I got to the parking lot and it was completely packed full. Walking to the door where you would normally find carts, I had to wait for the next round to be collected from the parking lot. Then, I was waiting outside in a line while people piled into the doors of the store. All of these signs really did not make me want to face the crowds inside of the store, but I decided to go inside anyway to see what the hype was about.

    Once inside, I immediately understood what people were raving about. One of the best features of the entire store, is that all their pricing has price comparables underneath it to help you see the great deal you are getting. The biggest competitor, Walmart, was the main store I saw them comparing their pricing to over and over again. I can’t imagine Walmart gets to thrilled about this being a part of the Winco store. Another feature that really stood out to me was their section of the store that initially looked like a candy shop. This part of the store has little dispensers that are filled with different oatmeals, nuts, pet food, candy, you name it that are small sized foods. This is where you could bag up different amounts that you would need, instead of always buying packages of food. I didn’t take advantage of this myself, mainly because my boyfriend was already not having it with me looking through every isle of the store, but also because it really was the most crowded part of the whole store.

    Once I got to check out, I was honestly shocked at how little I spent. We had a pretty full cart of items that normally would have been close to $200, but our total was about $102. They do have special deals going on for their grand opening, but hopefully they will continue to be competitive with other store’s pricing.

    The store really does bring a lot to the Billings community. It supplies healthy competition for own grocery stores that were probably becoming a little too comfortable with their constant flow of clients. The store also supplied us with more steady jobs with good pay and benefits for Billings citizens. Overall, I will be going back to Winco for sure. It helps bring more people to the community, and will continue to support the growth of the Billings market.

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