How to prepare your home for staging

    My clients know the importance I place on staging a home for sale. It’s such a big part of marketing that I offer free staging services to all of my listing clients.

    That doesn’t mean, however, that these clients don’t participate in the process. Au contraire – the staging is free – the preparation for staging is up to you.

    Take yourself out of the home

    No, not literally. Known as “de-personalizing,” you’ll need to remove anything on display that is of a personal nature.

    If you’ve ever visited a model home in a new home community you’ll get the gist of this request. Model homes are strategically decorated to help buyers envision themselves living in the home. That’s a bit hard to do when everywhere they look they see photos of someone else’s family, other people’s awards and diplomas and even someone else’s taste in music or literature.

    Keep distractions to a minimum by packing up the family mementos (you’ll need to do it anyway when you move), gathering up and hiding those piles of mail and bills and storing collections of whatever it is you collect.

    Clean like a pro

    This is such an important part of the sales process and one that far too many homeowners ignore. A clean house gives potential buyers the impression that the home has been lovingly cared-for. It also helps them feel that they can move right in and hang up their toothbrushes.

    Clean impeccably, from top to bottom. If you can’t or won’t do it yourself, please hire a cleaning crew to do it for you. It’s that important.


    Make storage space appear larger

    Storage is a hot button for most buyers. In fact, the National Association of Homebuilders places storage solutions as the number two demand of homebuyers – right behind floor plan.

    The easiest way to make storage spaces appear larger than they are is by removing stuff from them. Especially large items. Then, organize and arrange what’s left — neatly. If you can spring for some decorative bins or boxes, all the better.

    Perform this task on every single closet and cupboard in the home and in the garage.


    Each room has a purpose

    Next, go through each room and remove anything that doesn’t fit the room’s purpose. This means, get the crib out of the office, the treadmill out of the bedroom and the TV out of the kitchen.

    This will make it much easier for us to get the staging going in an organized fashion.


    Consider fresh paint

    Painting provides an instant makeover for any room and it makes the home feel fresh and clean. Stuck on color ideas? Zillow did a study of which colors bring in the most money in a home sale and you can read about it here (hint: paint your kitchen “soft gray-blue”).

    Living rooms, on the other hand, tend to sell for more if they’re painted a shade of brown, such as “beige, pale taupe or oatmeal-colored.” View the infographic, below, for some ideas.

    It takes a village to sell a home and we’re ready to tackle the heavy jobs, but we’ll need your help in preparing the spaces in which we will work our magic.

    best paint colors for selling a home

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