Make your Billings Home the Hottest Thing on the Market this Winter

    If you’re one of the brave Billings homeowners who didn’t chicken out and take the home off the market for winter, congratulations! You’re also smart.

    That’s because studies show that winter is actually one of the best times to sell a home. Sure, not as many homes sell in the winter (because of the aforementioned “chickens” that take their homes off the market or decide to wait until spring to sell), but those that are up for sale do so quicker and for more money.

    You’ll have less competition and, when we amp up the heat in your staging and curb appeal, buyers will find your home irresistible.

    It’s a little hard to think of anything that sizzles in the dead of winter but if we play our cards right, your home will be the hottest thing the Billings winter real estate market has ever seen.

    Let’s take a look at some tips to set the stage for winter appeal:

    Let it snow

    The white stuff is paying us a visit – big time. In fact, we broke a record on Friday, with almost 9 inches of snow. The best thing you can do? Ignore it.

    Pretend like it’s any other season but winter

    Set the patio table, fling open the top of the hot tub and let the steam hit the frigid air. Hang up the volleyball net. Sure, your neighbors will think you’re nuts, but that’s ok.

    Remember, you’re not so much selling a house as you are selling a lifestyle

    One of the best things folks can do with a winter home sale is to have lots of photos of the home when the weather is nicer. Typically, I notify my future sellers in spring and summer that, if they’re thinking of holding off to sell in fall or winter, to get some good shots of the home while the lawn is green and everything is in bloom.

    In fact, I send out my photographer to snap them

    That way, when winter buyers tour the home they can look at the photos taken during more pleasant months and see where the perennials are planted, how the sun glints off the impeccably clean windows and how green the grass is when it’s not icky with slush and mud.

    Have a mud room?

    When it’s attractive, a mud room is a big selling point. Let’s stage yours to make sure it appeals to a broad range of buyers.

    Remember, Realty Billings offers FREE home staging to our listing clients.

    Especially if this is the room that potential buyers will first see when they enter the home, it should be staged to offer a warm welcome.

    Sometimes all it takes is to bring in a bench or something else for seating and adding some cubbies and hooks on the walls for jacket storage.

    Additional thoughts

    • If you work in the daytime when buyers will be visiting the home, don’t forget to turn on the lights, open the window coverings and set the thermostat so that the house is bright and warm.
    • If you’ll be coming home shortly after the showing, think about starting a fire in the fireplace before leaving.
    • It’s January – time to take down the holiday décor.
    • Finally, ensure the safety of the agents and their clients when they visit your home by clearing the sidewalks, walkways and driveway of snow and ice.

    I have so many more ideas on how to stage your home in the winter and I would love to share them with you. The above, however, should get you off and running.

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