Making a Difference: Billings Food Bank

    billings food bank

    Local food banks sort of fade from memory right after the holidays, so today we’re going to yank ours back into focus. After all, Billings Food Bank provides 14 million pounds of food – per year – to the hungry folks in Billings.

    The food bank opened its doors in 1982 as a way to provide other Yellowstone County agencies with food for their programs. Today, it responds to pleas for help from anywhere in the country. “If we have the ability to help, we do,” they say on their website.

    The Billings Food Bank has a number of programs aside from food distribution. These include the Fortin Culinary Center where they teach culinary job training skills and they have a 99 percent success rate at finding jobs for their graduates.

    At the holidays last year, the food bank provided 15,855 meals. Can you imagine having to cook a Thanksgiving meal for nearly 16,000 people? Wonder how many turkeys they cooked?

    Anyway, if you want to help there are a number of ways you can do so.  If you have more time than money, consider volunteering in the kitchen or set up your own food drive to benefit the Billings Food Bank.

    If you have some extra money, consider shopping for and donating what the food bank needs most. Naturally, that includes non-perishable food, but they also need small and medium boxes to hold the food that they give to clients, plastic grocery bags and sandwich, storage and freezer bags.

    Finally, consider a monetary donation. You can do that on the food bank’s website, here.

    You are welcome to call the food bank to find out their most pressing needs at the moment. Their number is 406.259.2856, or you can email the Billings Food Bank at

    Thanks for helping to make a difference in Billings!

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