Making a Difference in Billings: Montana Rescue Mission

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    Have you started your Thanksgiving shopping yet? While you’re at it, please consider grabbing an extra turkey or a couple of pumpkin pies for the annual Thanksgiving dinner at Montana Rescue Mission.

    The Mission has been a part of our community for more than 60 years, starting out at Christ’s Rescue Mission. They’ve also changed locations numerous times over the years. The goal, however, has remained the same:

    “To provide emergency, temporary care, and rehabilitative services from a distinctly Christian perspective for those seeking help and solutions”

    Aside from the annual Thanksgiving dinner, Montana Rescue Mission can use the community’s help through volunteerism and donations of money and goods.

    Volunteer opportunities

    There are many volunteer opportunities available at Montana Rescue Mission. Take a look at just a handful of them:

    • Stock and organize merchandise, help customers load and unload merchandise and clean and arrange displays at one of the Mission’s Bargain Centers.
    • Cleaning help in the shelters
    • Cooking and serving meals
    • Painting
    • Visitors to spend time with the women in the shelter
    • Instructors for life skills classes
    • Help out at the front desk

    If you want to help, fill out a volunteer application on Montana Rescue Mission’s website.

    Donate goods

    As mentioned earlier, Thanksgiving food items are especially appreciated right now. Other items the Mission currently needs include:

    • Furniture for the Bargain Centers
    • Coffee
    • Hamburger
    • Cereal
    • Plastic forks, spoons and knives
    • Winter clothing for both the Women’s and Children’s Shelter and the Men’s (hats, gloves, boots, warm coats)
    • Hand warmers
    • Toiletries for the Women’s Shelter (body wash, razors, deodorant, hair conditioner)
    • Paper products (plates, bowls, utensils)
    • Single-ride MET bus passes
    • Men’s pajama’s/Sweat pants
    • Men’s thermal underwear

    Donations can be dropped off at the Montana Rescue Mission Shelter (2822 Minnesota Ave.) during business hours. Call (406) 259-6079 for additional information on how to donate.

    Donate money

    If you donate as little as $20.50 you’ll help provide 10 meals to feed the hungry in Billings. Give $102.50 and you’ll feed 50 people.

    It’s easy to donate – go online and click your preferred amount and whether you want to provide a one-time donation or a monthly recurring gift.

    Learn more about the good work that Montana Rescue Mission does in Billings at

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