What Billings Moms really want for Mother’s Day

    mother's day in billings

    Drat that Hallmark company. As soon as the day was declared a holiday, way back in the early 1900s, they, and retail in general, hijacked it and now, every year, most Moms get candy and a card. Or flowers and a card. Because that’s what retailers say we want.

    Guess what? They’re wrong and they’ve always been wrong. In fact, a few years ago Retail Me Not published the results of a study of what Moms really want and what they get in the form of an infograph. It’s a bit sad, really:



    I read an article in Parenting magazine a couple of years ago that comes closest to what I think Moms dream of for Mother’s Day. So, forget the bouquet and that box of “my-God-it’ll-go-right-to-my-hips” chocolatey goodness and see how little it will take to make Mom really happy on Sunday.

    Clean the house

    Depending on how dirty the house is, you may want to bring in the big guns for this one. Remember, too, that what Mom thinks of as a “clean” house and what you think are probably two different things.

    She wants the big stuff clean as well as the small stuff. Baseboards? Oh yeah – that’ll send her over the moon. Clean the inside of appliances (washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove, etc.) and she’ll love you forever. Oh, wait. . .she’ll do that anyway. Well, it’ll make her ecstatic.

    So, if you have the bucks, hire professional housekeepers to come in and do it right. Better yet, get a housekeeping service package. . .even a monthly deep clean would be amazing.

    We have a couple of house cleaning services here in Billings, including Merry Maids (they even offer a Visa gift card you can give to Mom so she can purchase the cleanings at a time that’s convenient for her), Purple Cactus (offers gift certificates) and Executive Cleaning Company (they clean carpets and furniture too!). These are just a few of our local companies – Google is your friend.

    *Disclaimer: I’ve never used any of these companies so these are not personal recommendations.

    Pamper her

    How often does Mom get a massage? A facial? Never, right? Well, your mission, then, is to ensure that she gets one this Mother’s Day and there are a ton of places in Billings to do just that. We went to Yelp for recommendations of the best in town and came up with a list of two:

    Sanctuary – massage, facials, nails, waxing and more. Or, buy her a spa package.

    Willow Creek Day Spa & Salon – massage, facials, waxing, body wraps and more. They offer gift certificates.

    Be Mr. Mom for a day

    Remember that infograph, above? A “day off from kids” is high on the list of what moms crave but low on the list of what they get. So, do it. Take on the role of Mama-for-a-Day and give Mom a break. Bathe them, dress them, do their hair, mediate their arguments, take them somewhere so she has some peace and quiet (believe me, when you have little ones, even going to the bathroom uninterrupted is Nirvana).

    We’ve even rounded up some Groupon deals so a day on the town with the kids won’t break the bank. Here are some ideas:

    • Wise Wonders Children’s Museum
    • Skating at Centennial Ice Arena
    • Movie – “Boss Baby” is the new one from Dreamworks and it’s fun for everyone, but there are other movies that will keep the kids occupied that Dad can enjoy as well. Go to a matinee – it’s cheaper.
    • Lake Elmo Park – Take a walk around the lake

    Clean her ride

    Imagine Mom getting into a car that is free of crumbs, wrappers, fast-food containers and all the rest of the detritus that comes from hauling kids around. Wash it, clean and vacuum the inside and you’ll have one very happy Mama. Bonus points if you have it professionally detailed.

    And, just for fun

    Here’s a few from one of my favorite mom bloggers, Maria Guido at Scary Mommy, that I think most moms can relate to:

    • A bathroom session without kids knocking on the door
    • A cartoon whose only function is to teach kids to be silent
    • The FDA to legalize sleeping pills for toddlers.
    • A study that proves mothers who moderately drink and constantly swear have the most well- adjusted kids in the land.

    Happy Mother’s Day!


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