Organize Your Billings Home and Keep It That Way!

    Life is busy. Always. It’s almost a rule these days. Whether there’s one person in your home or you have a family of eight, there’s always a lot to do and a lot of stuff you use to do it. Some areas of your Billings home can become cluttered before you know it

    Before you head off to Billings Hardware or Home Depot for new shelves and organizing supplies, there are a few things you should do first.

    Decide What (and Where) You’ll Declutter– Set strict boundaries for yourself, especially if getting rid of things is difficult for you. If you know you only have to get through a drawer or a corner of your basement, it won’t feel as difficult to accomplish. It’s easy to get distracted, so remain firm until you finish that space.

    Set Aside Another Space – Ifs almost impossible to get things in order if you can’t make piles somewhere else. Whether you clear a table or counter in the same room to make this happen, or you use a cleared floor space in the next room, you need to designate this area before you begin.

    Label Your Piles -Take some time to create a few areas for piles (or baskets) and label them. These could be “recycle”, “repair”, “another room”, “give away,” or anything you need to get through your space. Try not to move things from one pile to another. It will seem like you ‘re making a mess putting things in piles, but really, you’re just getting organized.

    Once you’ve cleared your space, clean it. Then, if you really do need an additional shelf or storage bin, that’s when you can head to the hardware store. All that’s left to do now is to put everything back where it belongs.

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