Relocating to Billings, MT

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    If you’re considering relocating to Billings, you’re not alone — the city’s population has grown 16 percent since 2000. As a lifelong Billings resident, I know why people want to live here: The ample recreational opportunities, strong schools and everything you’ll find in larger cities without the congestion.

    I invite you to get to know “Montana’s City.” I think you’ll like what you see.

    Billings’ schools

    Let’s start with our schools. Billings Public Schools has teamed up with business leaders, community volunteers and educators to provide STEM Billings, offering STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) opportunities to its students.

    The district serves approximately 16,120 students in grades K through 12 with 29 schools:

    • 22 elementary schools
    • 4 middle schools
    • 3 high schools

    Elder Grove is ranked 16 of Montana’s 55 middle schools and Arrowhead School ranks 22 of the state’s 109 elementary schools by school ratings site

    Students are assigned to a school based on home address. You can view a map of school boundaries online.

    Our city is also home to several private schools, including four Catholic schools, Trinity Lutheran School, Billings Christian School, Billings Educational Academy, Yellowstone Academy, Fortis Leadership Academy and Central Acres Christian School.

    Montana State University in Billings offers more than 100 degree programs, from Arts & Sciences to Business to Education and more. MSU also offers pre-professional programs and graduate programs.

    What to do in your free time in Billings

    Billings’ residents are a diverse lot but what many of us have in common is our love of the great outdoors. Luckily there is plenty of that here in Yellowstone County.

    We’re rather proud of our trail system, with more than 25 miles of gravel and paved trails on which to bike, hike, walk or run.

    In fact, one of our city’s nicknames is “Montana’s Trailhead,” for it’s truly the jumping off point to some of Montana’s most historic and popular sites, such as Little Bighorn Battlefield and Yellowstone National Park.

    If indoor “recreation” is more your style you’ll find we’re pretty cosmopolitan for a small western city. Shopping and dining are plentiful. From big box department stores to quaint local shops, from Billings Heights to the West End to Downtown, you’ll find plenty of shopping opportunities.

    Dining out is always an experience and you can choose from local breweries, coffee shops, fast food, fine dining and restaurants serving cuisines from across the globe.

    Something that surprises many of Billings’ newcomers is the volume of festivals held here year-round. In May, it’s the Wine & food Festival, the Strawberry festival is held in June, the Summer Fair in July and the uber popular Magic City Blues Festival in August. October brings the harvest Fest and, believe it or not, there are others.

    Each month, the Realty Billings team compiles a list of events and we publish them on our website. You can find the latest, here.

    Neighborhoods and homes in Billings

    One of the things I like best about showing property to newcomers is the diversity of our neighborhoods. Older homes are primarily located on Billings’ south side and you’ll find luxury homes sprinkled throughout the city. You can learn more about our neighborhoods and specific subdivisions within them here.

    Real estate markets change daily and prices fluctuate but, as of today, there are more than 940 homes for sale in Billings. Prices range from $90,000 to almost $2.8 million.

    Check out the listings here on for more in-depth information about what is currently on the market. Every home in the Billings MLS is listed here. And, when you get ready to move to Billings, check out our handy moving tips.

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