The Impact of Landscaping on Property Values in Billings


    It’s common knowledge that the appeal ( or lack thereof) of the exterior of a house can make or break a sale. That’s because the home’s curb appeal is what entices potential buyers into the home and that is truly where the sale is made.

    A Michigan State University study claims that updating the landscaping may boost a home’s value by up to 11 percent. As we head into what promises to be a glorious Billings weekend, let’s take a look at just some of the more important aspects of the landscaping to pay attention to before you put your Billings home up for sale.



    That study we mentioned earlier? Respondents said that the most important aspect of a landscape is its sophistication, or the way that all elements are balanced. Include colored hardscape elements along with annuals, evergreen sh.tubs and large deciduous trees. The study found that by adding sophisticated landscaping, a home’s value may be boosted from $8,000 to more than $19,000.


    Montanans like them big

    In some parts of the country, home-buyers prefer smaller trees in the home’s landscape. Not in Billings, however. We like them as big as we can get them. That’s good news because a study conducted by the Arbor Day Foundation finds that adding trees to the property boosts a home’s value by up to 15 percent.


    Diversity isn’t just for people

    Big trees on the property are lovely, but they aren’t enough. A diverse landscape is considered “sophisticated,” and that means lots of different elements. Color annuals in the beds, hardscape elements with a splash of color and shrubs with seasonal color are all ideal.

    One thing to avoid is a minimalist design with, perhaps, only small plants, or a lawn only. This scheme can actually reduce your home’s value, according to the Michigan study. So splurge on a large tree, at least. 

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