Top 5 Ways to Turn Off Billings Homebuyers

    After all the cleaning and staging to get your Billings home ready to sell, do yourself a favor and give it a thorough walk-through. The chances are good that you’ve neglected something and that something may just be what turns off potential buyers. Bring a friend or neighbor in to help – two noses and two sets of eyes are better than one.

    1. Clutter and filth

    If you’re looking at our Billings MLS for your next home you’ve no doubt come across photos of cluttered, filthy homes. Like us, you probably wonder why on earth the homeowners didn’t clean the home, or at least get rid of the piles of clothes, make the beds and straighten the kitchen before the photographs were taken? We’re also willing to wager you probably didn’t choose to view these homes and we don’t blame you. Who wants to even think about buying a dirty, obviously un-cared for home?

    Now, extend these feelings to the home you’re attempting to sell. If your bathroom is reminiscent of one found at a gas station, if the kitchen is so cluttered it appears there is no room to store items, let alone cook a meal, it’s time to do some serious cleaning.

    Bathrooms are second in popularity to kitchens among buyers so ensure that yours is immaculate. Put away the toiletries that are usually cluttering the counters, get rid of wet towels and consider buying a new shower curtain with coordinating throw rug and towels. Oh – and put the toilet seat down.

    I’m happy to share staging ideas with you. Let me know if you need help.

    2. Does it stink?

    It’s a bit scary how we become acclimated to things -the sound of a train passing several times a day, the noise of jetliners overhead, a view (whether gorgeous or horrid) and, yes, odors. Parents of infants, pet owners, and smokers are good examples of folks who, after a while, become oblivious to the odors in their homes.

    Odors are one of the biggest tun-offs for homebuyers. Pet and baby odors are a lot easier to deal with than smoke, if you consistently clean up after the offenders.

    3. Pets

    Speaking of pets, they can be a turnoff for buyers for a number of reasons. Many are allergic to pet dander and won’t be able to spend much time in your home unless you rid the home of the substance. Others may be frightened of pets, especially dogs. Keep the pets in crates during showings and give the home a thorough cleaning, including the upholstery, before putting the home on the market.

    4. Not Enough Light

    Light and bright rules the day in a home sale. Throw open window coverings and leave every light in the house on during showings (NorthWestern Energy will thank you). Buy new lamps and light fixtures to brighten up dark areas, including walk-in closets.

    5. This One Will Do It Every Time

    If you really want to scare off buyers, ignore the exterior of your home. Let the screens sag off the windows, neglect the cobwebs around the porch light, leave the dead plants in the beds and don’t mow the lawn. Since curb appeal is what gets the buyer into the home, neglecting to amp it up is a sure way to ensure that all buyers are turned off by your home.

    Taking care of the above issues will help get more buyers into the home and increase your chances of selling at or above market value in Billings.

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