Use color to sell your home in Billings

    paint colors to sell home

    Have you ever looked at photos of homes for sale where one or more of the rooms are painted some crazy color? You have to wonder what on earth the homeowner was thinking.

    Sure, a bathroom painted Pepto-pink may suit the homeowner’s lifestyle but why didn’t he or she paint it  a more-marketable color before putting it on the market? Some real estate mysteries will never be solved.

    Use the psychology of color to sell your home

    Scientists discovered long ago the impact of color on our emotions. Today, color is an important consideration in advertising, most especially in framing a company’s brand identity, from its logo to packaging.

    The Impact of Color on Marketing, a study that came out a year or two ago, finds that 90 percent of our judgments about products are based on color. And, since your home is a product, of sorts, it only makes sense that colors that attract homebuyers will net you more money than colors that repel them.

    Gender preferences

    A number of studies over the years have shown that, although men and women favor the same color, they show marked differences in their preference and dislike of other colors.

    Men prefer blue, red and black and dislike brown, orange and purple while women favor blue, purple and red and their least favorite colors are orange, brown and grey.

    So the color blue is a winner while purple, brown and orange may be the kiss of death in your decorating scheme.

    Let’s go with blue

    It’s fairly obvious that since the color blue is favored by both genders you may want to work some blue into your staging scheme. But, should you use a bold blue or a pastel?

    Men and women differ in their hue preferences as well. While men prefer bright, bold colors, women like the softer shades of their favorite colors.

    Thankfully, a blue decorating scheme will happily accommodate both hues in the accents and accessories. Get inspiration online at, Decorilla and Pinterest.

    Purple is women’s second favorite color and since women make up the second largest homebuyer group, it may pay to cater a bit to them.

    Work the color purple in by walking that very thin line between purple and blue (with indigo, for instance). Since men don’t like purple, use it in smaller items, such as accessories.

    Exterior colors

    It’s easy to advise homeowners to stick with neutral colors for the exterior of the home, but there are caveats. The home’s architecture, for instance, should play a large role when considering paint color.

    Victorians naturally require different colors than a tract home, right? Bob Villa, host of TV’s This Old House, recommends gray with white trim. On his website he shows various color schemes according to architecture.

    One of the homes he features was previously posted at and the builder said he received “literally thousands of requests for this paint color!”

    Which color, you ask? Benjamin Moore Copley Gray (HC-104) trimmed with Benjamin Moore Elephant Tusk (OC-8). See the home online, here.

    The psychology of color explains not only how to sell your home for top dollar but a host of other “mysteries” as well, such as why Barbie’s Corvette isn’t brown and why there aren’t purple power tools and why you’ll probably never see a guy riding a pink Harley.

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