Why Every Seller Should Say “No!” to the Agent who Doesn’t Offer Staging Services

    I love reading real estate advice online but way too often what I read blows my blood pressure through the stratosphere.

    Since Realty Billings offers a full menu of services to our selling clients, it bugs me to no end when I read other agents mentioning that they offer “staging suggestions” to their clients as part of their marketing plan.

    Wait – when did “suggestions” become a marketing tool? Homeowners can get suggestions on staging all over the internet – and from professional stagers, not real estate agents.

    This is the reason so many sellers don’t stage their homes.

    They’re given “suggestions” on how to stage, not the money to do it, nor an offer to stage their property for them.

    When you’re interviewing agents to list your home, ask each one about the services he or she offers to listing clients. After all, you’re paying a big chunk of your equity to sell your home and the agents will get their share for their efforts.

    Am I wrong in stating that recommending and suggesting take no effort? That these words are used in an agent’s marketing plan is laughable.

    You are PAYING this person to market your home, not to tell you ways in which you should spend yet more money.

    Staging services should be part of an agent’s marketing plan.

    If it’s not, perhaps that agent should be working with buyers, not homeowners.

    Staging is critical

    Once upon a time, staging a home before putting it on the market was a choice. Today, it’s something buyers expect.

    Plus, staging has been proven to raise a home’s perceived value.

    While home presentation is a part of Realty Billings marketing plan, and it’s not the only free service we offer our clients, it is the cornerstone.

    And we believe that every home – regardless of price point – can benefit from www.

    All we ask is that our clients clean the home and try to get rid of as much clutter as possible.

    And, staging works

    Homegain.com commissioned a study awhile back and found that

    when sellers staged their homes for sale they earned from 6 to 10 percent more than sellers who didn’t stage their homes. 

    They also learned that the average cost of staging a home is about 1 percent of the list price. Of course, they didn’t consult with Realty Billings because our clients don’t pay a penny for www.

    The Realty Billings Team is able to evaluate your home through a buyer’s eyes and then create a plan to accentuate the positive aspects of each room while downplaying the negatives. For us, it’s all about creating the inviting illusion of comfort and warmth. It’s about showcasing what life would be like in your home. Most of all, it’s about making your house the most desirable on the market.

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