Winter is NOT the “Off Season” to sell a Billings Home

    Don’t let anyone tell you that winter is the “off season” to sell a home. Tell them they’re nuts, tell them they’re wrong but don’t buy into it for one minute.

    Winter is actually one of the best seasons to sell a house in Billings. Read on to find out why.

    The likelihood of selling:

    One of the large, national real estate chains conducted a two-year study of winter homes sales and found that if you’re going to sell your home, putting it on the market in the winter increases its chances of selling faster and for more money. This finding was true nationwide, whether winter is spent on the beach in Naples, Florida or in hibernation in Fairbanks, AK.

    The competition:

    Before you think about taking your home off the market for winter, to relist in spring, consider this: other homeowners in Billings may not have this same information. Let THEM take their homes off the market, leaving YOURS with less competition.

    Yeah, but who’s going to buy it?

    Motivated buyers, that’s who. What motivates someone to get out and look at homes for sale in Billings in the winter? Job transfers, folks that come into money and want to buy before they spend it on something else. Also, if a buyer is visiting an open house instead of spending the holiday season with family and friends, they most likely need to buy a home quickly.

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