With The Right Team Anything Is Possible!

    Jennifer came to us through our Ditch Your Rent program. I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of visiting with her on the very first scared phone call. The nerves were huge and the questions were plentiful. I was absolutely delighted to hear she had already taken the first step to attend the 8-hour First Time Home buyer course. Shortly after her class, her head was spinning, I suggested she come in to our office and sit down to talk about all the amazing programs that are offered to First Time Homeowners, and ease her mind with all this confusing LINGO that is used in the real-estate world.  Walking in the door I knew she had this! Jennifer is like many of us, nervous, scared, unsure of outcome and defeated before the process began. The fear of rejection is real but the want was larger, she wanted to have a home for her beautiful family, a home she could call her own!

    Her situation may be similar or very different from most, either way it was time! At nearly 40 years of age Jennifer had no credit, that’s right, no credit other than utility bills and rent. Thank goodness  we were able to send Jennifer to a lender to best fit her situation.

    The program we were able to secure was truly a gift. The opportunity and chance for this very well deserving family made every effort completely worth it. Jennifer is now paying less for her own home then she was in rent, around $400.00 a month savings!

    Who you hire to help you with purchasing your home, (one of the largest investments you will make) is vital. Make sure who you choose to hire knows the programs and knows what opportunities are out there. At Realty Billings, we strive for excellence, continued education, and service beyond your expectations. Here’s what you’ll get when you work with us to buy a home in Billings: https://www.billingshomesforsale.com/buyers-services/

    The absolute overwhelming joy I feel for this amazing family is indescribable! I truly am the lucky one, not only do I get to have amazing clients but new  life long friends. Please remember with hard work and determination, and someone who is always in your corner, you too may be able to achieve your dreams.

    Please call me today, 406-860-7947 or email me at mary@realtybillings.com. I would love for you to be the next story of success. Let our knowledge get you where you have always wanted to be, in your very own HOME!!!

    Again, Congratulations to a very well deserving Client!!!!! My heart is FULL!!!!

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