Billings Homes for Sale Real Estate

    Newcomers to Billings often express confusion about Billings’ neighborhoods.

    And, for good reason. We have a tendency to mash our communities with our neighborhoods and subdivisions, using all labels interchangeably.

    No, there’s no rhyme or reason – that’s just the way we do things!

    For the record, Billings is broken down into “sections,” for lack of a better word. Even these are used loosely, though. That said, this section of is an introduction to some of the more popular areas of Billings. Some are communities, others are neighborhoods and a few are subdivisions of note.

    Mother Nature’s GPS

    More than 80 million years ago, the Western Interior Seaway bisected North America. Eventually, the sea subsided, leaving behind layer upon layer of silt, clay and sand which, over time, became buried and compressed. Later, when the Yellowstone River wended its way through what is today Billings, it carved canyon walls or, as we know them, “the rims.”

    “The Rims anchor the city’s identity,” says Mary Pickett of the Billings Gazette. “The sandstone prow that divides the lower part of the city from the Heights has been explored by humans for centuries.”

    Like The Strip in Las Vegas, our iconic rimrocks are used as what we like to think of as Mother Nature’s GPS. You’ll frequently hear neighborhoods described by their proximity to the rims — above, near or below.

    Billings’ Neighborhoods

    Billings, Montana is home to about 1,042,520 residents who live in 494,198 housing units, according to the United States Census Bureau.

    We are definitely blessed by nature and the talents of some extremely gifted developers. Most ensured that natural elements were left intact, as much as possible, when dividing our city into residential areas.

    Aside from the aforementioned rimrocks, you may also hear residents refer to the West End. Most of the city’s dining and shopping are located here, as is Yegen Golf Club, with City College lying on its southern border.

    If you are hoping to shop among the newer homes for sale in Billings, check out those available on the northwest side of town. This is an attractive area to families, primarily because of the increased square footage of the homes.

    Those who like a variety of architectural styles and ages gravitate to Billings homes for sale between The Rims and Grand, north of Rimrock Rd.

    Wherever you decide to settle in Billings, you’ll be surrounded by amazing Montana vistas and wildlife yet a stone’s throw to city conveniences. It’s just one of the reasons we’re known as The Magic City. We look forward to showing you around!



    Photo: By Ron Reiring, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons