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    In 1994, the Yellowstone Board of Planning sent a survey to residents of Billings’ North Elevation neighborhood.

    Folks were asked what makes North Elevation special to them and, overwhelmingly, the replies they received stated that residents appreciated the “neighborliness” and “small town feel” of the neighborhood.

    More than two decades later, those qualities remain, which is why North Elevation is one of Billings’ most popular communities.

    The North Elevation neighborhood dates back to the city’s founding.

    In fact, it was first platted in 1904 and has the historic homes to prove it. North Elevation is also home to the city’s oldest school, McKinley Elementary, which began serving Billings’ students in 1905.

    North Elevation is a primarily residential area, although you will find services and other commercial concerns along its borders. It is also home to many rental properties, although the trend over the past few years has seen an increase in owner-occupied homes.

    When you move here you’ll find that a high percentage of your neighbors work in the health services industry. This makes sense when you understand the neighborhood’s close proximity to the medical corridor.

    North Elevation Amenities

    One of North Elevation’s most prized and appreciated amenities is the 32-acre Pioneer Park. Here, their kids use the wading pool and parents play tennis, horseshoes, take to the trails or use the green space for soccer, rugby, football and other sports. Pioneer is also popular for summer picnics and barbecues and tubing in the winter. The Zimmerman Center, located within Pioneer Park, is available to rent for various events and functions.

    Residents are also proud of the Good Earth Market Food Co-Op, whose community-oriented owners work hard to maintain a connection to area residents. They carry local foods and organic produce, meats and cheeses.

    North Elevation Homes

    In November of 2016, the North Elevation Historic District was officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Don’t let the designation stop you from pursuing the purchase of a historic home, however. Homeowners within the district are free to remodel or renovate, according to Lora Mattox, the city and county’s historic preservation officer. “It is more of an honorary title,” she tells the Billings Gazette’s Mike Ferguson.

    Home styles here range from Tudor to Craftsman bungalow, to American Foursquare and others.

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    Photo: “Craftsman House” by David Sawyer, own work via CC by SA 2.0